CTW22055 - Letters And Numbers on CD

CTW22055 - Letters And Numbers on CD

Song Listing:

The Number Five (The Kids)

Five People In My Family (The Anything Muppets)

I've Got Two (The Cast)

The Count Counts Flowers (The Count)

Adding (The Anything Muppets)

Count It Higher (Chris and The Alphabeats)

No Matter How You Count Them (The Anything Muppets)

Roosevelt Franklin Counts (Roosevelt Franklin)

Song of the Count (The Count)

J-Jump (The Kids)

"J" Friends (The Anything Muppets)

The "K" Poem (Herbert Birdsfoot)

My Favorite Letter - "P" (The Anything Muppets)

Sammy the Snake (Sammy)

"X" Marks the Spot (Sherlock Holmes)

Zizzy Zoomers (The Anything Muppets)

Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet (Roosevelt Franklin)

What's My Letter? (Guy Smiley and Prairie)

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