CTW22059 - Big Bird Sings on CD

CTW22059 - Big Bird Sings on CD

Song Listing:

AB-C-DEF-GHI (Big Bird)

The Noodle Song (Big Bird and Oscar

The "J" Poem (Big Bird)

Very, Very Special Letter (Big Bird)

Big Bird Writes A Poem (Big Bird, Snuffle-upagus, and Hebert Birdsfoot)

How Do I Know I'm Here (Big Bird)

Everyone Likes Ice Cream (Big Bird, Three Friends, and Monster)

Y'all Fall Down (Big Bird, Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster)

Everyone Makes Mistakes (Big Bird and Farley)

The Sound of the Letter "A" (Big Bird)

Just Three Colors (Big Bird and Oscar)

Ha, Ha (Big Bird, Harvey and Herry)

No Matter What Your Language (Big Bird and Luis)

Big Bird's Poem (Big Bird)

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