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Why do I have to own a record or tape?

     We probably get this question more than any other.  We specialize in Christmas recordings that have not been released by the record companies on CDs.  We obtain (purchase) several vinyl record copies of each recording we sell and use those albums to create a very good digital transfer. 

     Transferring analog material to digital formats has been our full-time business for nearly nine years. Since we began, we have had a strict policy to follow copyright laws.  We are not in the business of piracy.  The original record or tape sold by the record company provides the owner of that recording the right to transfer or to own a transfer of the audio in any format he chooses.  For instance, if you, like I bought a record in 1975 and then transferred it to cassette tape, you were not breaking the copyright law.  You had a right to do that because you owned the record that had been sold by the record company.

     The same situation applies to our CDs and MP3s.  If you own a record or tape that was originally produced and sold by the record company, you have a right to own a CD transfer or MP3 of that record or tape.  Most of our customers still own their well-worn, lovingly played LPs. They just can't play them anymore.  For those people, there is no need to purchase a record with your CD or MP3.  You already own an original, so you have the right to own a CD transfer or MP3. For those who don't have a record or tape, we offer for sale with your CD or MP3 a record. 

      Now, your next question will probably be, "How do I prove I own the record?" It's easy. When you check-out, you will see a text box called "Copyright Verification." In this box, you will type "I own the record" or "I'm buying the record."  It's that simple. 

     If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to call us.  We're happy to help and hope that you appreciate our desire to follow US copyright laws.



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