What Am I Buying?

   We have purchased a number of copies of all the records we sell.  We have created CDs and MP3s of excellent quality using multiple recordings from the records we've purchased.  You will find the quality of our CDs to be superb.  In order to abide by copyright laws, we offer for sale records with the CDs and MP3s for our customers who do not already own the vinyl lps.  If you, like me, have held on to your records, you need only buy the CDs.  You already have a copyright obtained when you bought the records; therefore, copyright laws allow you to have a transfer copy of the original recording your purchased. 

    If you order only CDs, you will receive a printed CD with an image of the album artwork and song listing.  Jewel Cases are available as well for a nominal charge.  Our jewel cases include the album artwork on the front and the song listing on the back. The artist and release name are printed on the side spine. While we don't believe in high pressure sales, we do recommend you purchase a jewel case if you are buying a release featuring various artists. We include artist names with the song listing only on the jewel case because there is not enough room to include them on our CDs.

    Because we sell the vinyl records only to provide you a legal copyright and thus the legal right to own the transfer copy CD, we make no claims as to the quality or condition of the vinyl records you may receive.  The records you purchase may or may not have been used to create your CDs.   The sound quality of your CDs will be highly superior to the vinyl record you receive if you purchase lps.

    MP3 downloads are also available.  As with the CDs, you must own the record to purchase an MP3 download.  If you purchase the download, you will not receive a CD.  Of course, if you prefer to purchase the MP3 download to a CD, but you do not own the records, we are happy to sell you the records along with your download.


Image of our CD

Image of our Jewel Case Front Cover

Image of our Jewel Case Back Cover

Image of our Jewel Case Side Spine
(Both side spines are printed in this way.)





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