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Customer Testimonials

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We are grateful for these kind words from our customers.

I received the Goodyear CDs today.  I am listening to them now in tears.  You have no idea how these songs evoke such memories of my parents (who are both gone now) and my brothers and sisters and the hours we all spent together at Christmas.  It reminds me of listening to these albums for hours on end while watching the color wheel go round and round on our aluminum tree in the 60s and 70s.  These albums heralded the beginning of decorating our house for Christmas each year.  They are such a huge part of growing up for me and our family, now I get to share them with my kids.  I still remember going to the Goodyear store and spending an entire dollar for each one every year.  It was always very exciting to hear them for the first time.  Thank-you again.  Great work!  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.  Dave B.

Great Service!  Barbara M.

I rate you high in every aspect.  The sound was exquisite and the music was superb...just as I remember it growing up as a kid.  I am looking at other Christmas albums for transfer and will be using your service again.  The CD covers and labels were also nicely done, and I recommend your service to anyone trying to reclaim the old vinyl.  Kevin D.

Thanks, again, David.  I got them and they sound great!  Merry Christmas.  Dana R.

I'm rally impressed by your customer service.  You just don't see that kind of pride in one's work and conscientiousness anymore.  Thank-you so much!  I bought all ten of your Great Songs of Christmas CDs, and listened to them all Christmas season.  The took me back to my childhood.  I thought you did a great job and provide a fantastic product in terms of quality.  I'll pass your company's name on without hesitation.  Thanks, again.  Lisa B., Brookfield, WI

I am thrilled!  The Great Songs of Christmas album 9 selections are just as I remembered.  Downloading the mp3 files was the right answer!  I plan to order all of the remaining albums shortly.  You have made my day!  Deb

The Firestone/Goodyear Christmas CDs from the 60s were superb during the holidays.  Donovan, Cincinnati, OH

Thanks, again.  You brought tears to everyone in my family.  Kris H., Rockford, IL

Really brought back memories.  Thanks!  Kevin M, Harrisburg, PA

Excellent service, great sound, sturdy packaging.  Robert N., Brookfield, WI

I'm amazed!  Would definitely use this service again.  Elena S., Albany, NY

Oh, what childhood memories!  Thank-you for offering this great service!  Laurie R., Quad Cities, IL

Thank-you for the excellent quality CD reproductions!  Mark H.

Thanks so much for the CD.  Thanks for the speedy shipping.  Happy Holidays!  Erika S., Phoenix, AZ

CD is very good.  Thanks for your prompt mailing.  Faye B., Wasta South, SD

Thanks!  I am sure I will use you again!  Michael J., NC

Thank-you so much!  You brought back the happy childhood memories!  Amy F., Palatine, IL

Fantastic reproduction!  I can't believe I'm able to listen to our old albums.  My family is very happy.  Thank-you.  Thomas F.

David, you are wonderful!  Thank-you so much for your help.  Robin W., Louisville, KY

Thank-you so much for giving back a bit of the past.  I wanted to give my sister a very special Christmas gift.  Thank You !!!  Judith R., Columbus, OH

I grew up with these albums, and I was thrilled to find them in CD format.  Thank-you!  Ben G., Columbus, OH

They made a perfect Christmas gift!  Thank-you!  Elaine N., Harrisburg, PA

I am so happy with my purchase.  Thank-you so much!  Ellyn M., Annapolis, MD

I was thrilled to hear this music again.  Mary S., Fortland, FL

I'm still elated!  Carl J., Manteo, NC

Thanks so much!  I will definitely spread the word.  Janet B., El Paso, TX

Outstanding!  I almost never give out an outstanding or excellent!  O. Garcia, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks.  He'll love it!  Lois M., Royal Oak, MI

CD covers look great.  Thanks.  Dean S., Denver, CO

I couldn't be more pleased.  Thanks.  Melinda H., Provo, UT

CD sounds great!  Jeff S., Littleton, MA

Thank-you, David.  You were so helpful, and I can't believe you have this old Christmas album in your collection.

Great service, great product.  I'm so glad to have found your website.

Thank-you so very much for restoring one of my favorite childhood memories.  Craig H., Lubbock, TX

Thank-you so much for this incredible service!

Hi, David.  I received the shipment!  I'm already listening.  I couldn't  wait!  Thanks so much for the wonderful quality of these CDs.  I'm so happy to have this collection from my growing up years.  I'm sure I'll be a returning customer!  Thanks again, Carolyn D.


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